Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unusual UFO light shines in Phoenix Arizona's night sky

22 .2. 2009 - Something strange was seen in the sky over the Phoenix, Arizona valley on Saturday night:

A Scottsdale resident reported seeing a light hovering over the city that could not be identified. One local astronomer said the most likely culprit is the Comet Lulin which can be seen from earth right now.

However, that comet is supposed to seen in the eastern sky. Saturday's object was seen in the west.

In the video player above, you can see that the light appears to move slightly away from the camera, but without a frame of reference, it may be the camera that is moving further away from the ob
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Anonymous said...

My daughter and I noticed it too. It has been there for awhile, though. When we first saw it, we thought it was a plane, but the brightness and height it the sky appeared to be a large star. We saw this light for a few days. I did kept looking at it intensely, and did notice two red dots next to it. I wondered how something that sat so still like a star could have lights around it. I knew definitely it was not an airplane. It moved a bit, but not like an aircraft. The position was to high. It seemed like what the star of Bethlehem would appear like. I did see it on Saturday, too, though misty cloud coverage seemed to conceal it after some time. Very unusual.

Anonymous said...

i live here in az for the past nine years and have seen all manner of weird lights in the sky.my wife son and myself once saw a craft disappear in a mall parking lot after sitting in the sky for about two minutes

Anonymous said...

At 12:40 AM Jan 26, 2010 our dog started going crazy--barking at something outside--I went to the computer and connected our outside security cameras and on one of them to the west side of the property there was a light--a bright light, it just hung there for a long time, I really couldn't figure out what it could be and then it all of a sudden moved straight upward and it was gone. The whole area then became very dark, it must have been a vey bright light because the whole are had been lit up--this was in the western sky near Scottsdale.

LHC said...

I live in Lake Havasu and saw the same light. It was first seen right as the sun was going down, then it was there for over an hour. After a while, I looked outside and it was gone. My Aunt saw it from about a mile away also.

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