Tuesday, February 24, 2009

St. Marks, Florida Ufo

Florida-02-19-09-I was at a secluded wilderness area on a private hunting club with two other witnesses. Location, St. Marks, Florida, northeast of Highway 98 along the St. Marks river.

At 8:22 PM, Feb.19th, 2009, we had just finished dinner when we walked outside and noticed a very bright object hovering at about 45 degrees, above the tree tops. At first I thought it may have been the bright runway lights on a commercial airliner going into Tallahassee Regional Airport, but realized that was at least 25 miles away.

This object remained almost stationary for a few minutes, then started moving slowly to the south. I was unable to determine how far away this object was due to the object changing in size, brightness, color and density.

I want back to my camper, picked up my digital camera, and jumped on my 4-wheeler. I was determined to find a clear point of view and get some still pictures, at present location the trees were obstructing my view.

The two other witnesses remained at camp, and kept a visual while I took the nearest logging road, which obstructed my view for a few minutes but was able to see this bright object through the trees shortly thereafter.

I saw that it was moving slowly south to southwest, and followed for approximately 3 miles until I was able to get a clear view and take a few photos, which did not turn out well due to the delay and flash. I then turned the camera on video, and shot about 4 videos ranging from 1-2 min each.

Aafter about 30 minutes, the object remained on a south to southwest path, I lost visual due to the trees, so I returned to camp. There I met up with the other two witnesses, and told them of the event.

I was then informed that they had continued to witness the object over the entire duration of my absence, but in a north to northwest direction. It was pointed out to me once again, but only visible for a couple more minutes before completely disappearing.

We then determined that there were in fact two objects, and I had taken after the second one while they were watching the first one. When I uploaded the video, I was surprised to find that once I turned the 4-wheeler motor off, that the audio picked up some sort of signal from the object during filming which I was unaware until the volume was turned up.

Each time the object morphed, it would give off a strange sound which can be heard on the video. I enhanced the photos but was only able to blow up what looked like a globe with a cloudy texture, unlike anything I had ever seen.

The videos were not zoomed in as close as the pictures, but clearly showed a solid object changing from a smal,l solid, bright mass to a large, semi-solid, less radiated mass. This is the 3rd sighting that I am aware of in the last 4 years.

Footage of a white orb-shaped UFO from an undisclosed location in Italy, February 2009. It is possible that this is a sighting of the planet Venus, since movement compared to a frame of reference is not observed.
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The report that the difference in what was seen (between the men at camp and the man on the ATV) could relate to the viewer's perspective or another way to say this is the difference in location (which is a difference space AND perhaps also TIME?); and, second, the report that the man on the ATV who filmed the video did not personally hear a noise but when he played the video back, after, he hear a noise that appears to match the fluctuating object (shape and intensity),could indicate that the man's (on the ATV) time was experienced along with the object's experience of time (perhaps sped up and that's why there's a sound when the object fluctuated - it could be the effect on time also effecting any ambient noise near the man (perhaps crickets, for instance) was sped up, too. He didn't perceive the difference, as it happened, but the camera did. Why would the man and the camera experience time differently? I think though, that the reason that objects appear so fast to witnesses, or seem to float, etc. to witnesses is because they operate in space and time differently than humans do in our dimension on Earth. Perhaps if these objects are traveling great distances it is through dimensions or through time and they can manipulate either or both of these (or need to, in order to be able to be in our time/space on Earth).

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hi all, in florida, fortlauderdale area, in the old part of town near hollywood in 1975, we saw something like that but it started in the water, a lagoon, and rose out of the water got bigger and then smaller, several times, it followed us. Then after several minutes assended to the air. While climbing higher in the air it got bigger, looking transparent at times. 35 years later in california i saw the same thing following me and my girlfriend up a mountain, between palmsprings and 29 palms. I was gold in color and was 2 feet from the window as if it was watching us. looked like a orb. JD

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I really wish people wouldn't call these things "orbs". It's become such a generic term where even a light that appears as an orb because it's too far for the camera to distinguish.. is an orb. It could be a completely irregular shape.

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