Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ufo Hunters - Alien Crashes

In the early morning hours of May 14, 2008, witnesses in Needles, CA saw a turquoise glowing object in a rapid descent over the Colorado River. Soon after, military helicopters carried away an object that appeared to be glowing, and according to witnesses, military personnel canvassed the town, intimidating witnesses and townspeople. But alleged cover-ups of strange crashes are nothing new--from Flatwoods, West Virginia to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, reports of UFO clean-ups are rampant. The team visits the site of the most current UFO crash in the world to search for signs of what some say the government keeps trying to hide:




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Anonymous said...

These crashes are suspect-if alien technology is SO advanced, their vehicles would be more reliable!
Humans fail-therefore, it must be borrowed or loaned technology piloted by humans who make human errors causing problems and crashes!!!

Anonymous said...

Problem is that they did not find any evidence of a crash, so whether it was "them" or "us" insude the vehicle is a moot point. Theses "crashed" may be all a fabrication themselves.

l2 said...

even aliens and their advanced technology are not infallible.

Anonymous said...

I like this team, but somtimes they
are incunclusive. I suspect those
two objects were military top secret experiment.

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