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Anonymous said...

excellent video!

this is our "traditional" ufo type;
i wish someone,someday do the closeup of this mysterious pulsatng "toy"...
Why always is so far???
Or,maybe its so small????

good video!

One day we`ll know THE TRUTH!


nick dk said...

LOL....whats the big fuzz??

Its just a plane!
That was pretty easy 2 see.

The first few min. u can see the stropelight on the wings and at 3.11 min. u can see the hole plane in siluet.


Anonymous said...

No doubt a plane towards the end.

Skymt said...

Uhm.. that looks like a normal plane. First it aproaches head on towards the camera, but as it gets closer, you can first see its wings. Then when it turns right, you can even make out the vertical stabilizer and rudder.

When the filmer turns off night-view, you can see that it is actually quite dark out, which explains why the plane had its frontal lights on.

I've been fooled by planes myself, when I see them aproach head on with their lights on. Especially if it exits a cloud, the effect can be eerie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt

Got onto this clip myself the other day.

Found the guy who made the clip youtube user "straightnjager"

I have left him a message so waiting for a reply with more info

As always my CGI radar is on and seeing a small clip he has on his youtube page of a billboard with "faking it" does nothing for my confidence.. 'you know how some of these fakers get their rocks off.'

Ive sent the clip to a good friend who is great with CGI himself.

Once he has checked it out and hopefully "straightnjager" gets back to me I shall make a post on the forum with all the info.


Anonymous said...

That was quite obviously a passenger airliner. What the hell was this video labeled-"Amazing UFO WEST AUCKLAND VIDEO" for? A two year old could tell this is a passenger airplane coming in to land, as it comes in and banks to its right as it enters its final approach. What the hell guys? "To a kid with a hammer, everything looks like a nail!!!"

nick dk said...


Come on!!

U would use CGI to fake a spaceship.
Not a damn plane like in this video.
How the hell can anybody be in doubt about this one.

This is not a UFO, but a IFO!!

Anonymous said...


I am pretty sure myself now that this is Just a plane.


Anonymous said...

wow, what a great video! I am convinced that there are planes with humans inside, visiting our planet. Why do you bother

Anonymous said...

It's plainly a plane rising above the plains!

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