Monday, June 25, 2012

3-Red UFOs Over Columbia River Filmed From Burbank Washington Saturday June 23, 2012

This is the second interesting ufo report in from Burbank Washington in the last few months. Would like to hear from anyone in the area if they also saw these lights recently:

Posters comments:
My neighbor and I were standing in my driveway talking. I had filmed the ISS earlier tonight around 10:06pm and I was working on a mount for my tripod so that I can put 2 cameras on 1 tripod and have them point at the same object. He was asking how many more times are we suppose see it. I told him that tomarrow is it and that why I was working on the tripod. I pointed in the derection the the ISS came through tonight and we both noticed 3 red balls of light over the Columbia River near Sacajawea State Park and heading east towards Burbank, WA. I first thought they were air planes. My neighbor told me they were definitely not air planes because they were flying to close together at night and without proper lighting for air craft. 2 of them were nearly touching. Those 2 started blinking and then blinked out. I thought they went behind a cloud or something but I was able to see stars in the area that they blinked out. the thurd red light came down the river towards us and at about the same place it started blinking and then blinked out. we did not see them any more that night.
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