Friday, June 29, 2012

UFO Over Tijuana, Mexico City: 27/06/2012

Strange hovering Ovni in Tijuana, Mexico City :

Posters comments (translation):
This object hovered over the fences of the city of Tijuana mexico city - the  day before it almost lit the street up I thought it was time that appear again and but was a little distant.
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Anonymous said...

Could it be the International Space Station?
A lot of these videos with a solid light moving accross the sky could be the and are most likely the ISS. It is bright and solid and most people including my self thought it was a UFO before I checked

Anonymous said...

this object looked like it has a visible corona effect.The iss does not due to the fact it is just a reflecting surface facing the sun.In 2011 in the uk many people seen these white orbs during the day and night.I personally have seen the iss many times and it looks quite differant from a ufo orb which is an illuminated plasma with changing irregular edges.These orbs when viewed from close proximity are usually described as being about a foot wide and silent.they often power up to increase brightness and are often seen hovering before flying off .

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