Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Was This Over Kwinana, Western Australia?

UFO sighted on 22/06/2012 over Kwinana, Western Australia:
Posters comments: Strange object viewed in Kwinana, Western Australia. Object appeared above Saturn in the East, then traveled to the North and faded out of sight. Also recorded an aeroplane for comparison.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So Aussie sees them too! COOL!!

So! can you tell us why our place"reverberates"the word "F..K" so loud, when we haven't turned the volume down, while the typed word!? is FORBBIDEN!?:)

Can you make sense of that???

I mean!? we're the ones that cop this HERE!?...f..k...reverberating through the home, is not good, it has repercussions!! in a quiet neighbourhood,so is it possible to be more selective with some videos?

Oooh yeah! we hear you say turn the volume down! but the focus can go right out the door, when your caught off guard..........

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