Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Readers Personal UFO Sightings June 2012

Our readers personal Ufo reports (post in progress)
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 Dows Iowa 24th June
About 130am Sunday Morning (24 Jun 12) I spotted a fast moving orange light, moving south to north. This was just like the Calif video posted on your website. It disappeared to the north then a second one appeared on the same track and went from south to north and disappeared. Then a third one, this one tracked slightly west of the other two. I am a retired Military cockpit crew member with 15 yrs in military aviation and a retired 747 cockpit crew member with 17 yrs experience. This was not a conventional aircaft, as it had no red and green nor white light, nor a flashing strobe light. It was very bright and made no noise. Video

North Carolina June 23
on evening of June 23 just before dusk I saw red lights above summerfield, North Carolina. When I first noticed them there appeared to be between 15 - 20 lights traveling appox. south to north, and after about 3 minutes (don't know how long they were there before I noticed) they started to dim and die out, when there was about 5 lights left one appeared from south and travel faster than others and eventually caught up to them. I did get a couple of photos on my cellphone but they can barely be made out. I phoned my son who was at home approx. 1/2 mile away and he also witnessed them from a different angle. Never seen anything like it, or see lights move in unison like they did.

23rd June New York 
Me and my neighbours saw a  fast flying ufo in the Brooklyn area. Others must have seen it. It moved  unlike a normal plane, almost like a fast moving star..

San Juan Puerto Rico  6/20/2012 04:41 
Reported: 6/20/2012 5:28:48 AM 05:28
Posted: 6/20/2012
Location: Condado, San Juan (Puerto Rico), 
Shape: Fireball   Duration:3 minutes   
Two round object like fireballs cross over condado, puerto rico
Two Round object like fireball, one appears first then cross from east to west over condado, puerto rico, and then vanish. 
Then the second appear in the same spot that the first one appears and cross the same path and same speed as the first. took a video of the second. @4:41 am
Note the ufo is in the center of screen at the begin of the video.. the big light at left is a light pole

Argentina Buenos Aires June 24, 2012, 
UFO activity is recorded for Argentina Buenos Aires, a "double Ufo Lenticular" UFO / Orb was recorded while traveling at high altitude, to the northern part of the city in its path, next to the moon, was used Sony Trv 310 in Infrared The sequence was compared with lists also Heaven's Above Satellite, since and also minutes before there were "abnormal" broken crosses, which Different from satellite routes which were meticulously controlled and recorded which were filed several steps visible  type of Cosmos Satellites that if they were in the evening.  Video link
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