Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baltic Sea UFO: USO Disables "ALL" Electronic Equipment - EMP Shield?

Latest From the Ocean X Team Over the Baltic Sea:
“We looked at our dive computer, the deep sea diver computer, and it said minus one degree that’s pretty cold for a diver it should really be impossible to have that cold water it actually turns into ice at zero degrees but that could be explained by the movement of the water.” 
 Also, some strange phenomenon occurred… 
A main objective of the dive was to film the object, and yet the camera stopped working when they approached the object. “Why isn’t anything working, anything electric out there and the satellite phone as well stopped working when we were above the object and then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again and when we got back over the object it didn’t work so that’s kind of strange as well.”  
Mr Hogerborn says he has never experienced anything like this during his 20 years as a professional diver. Dennis ├ůsberg of the Ocean X team is one hundred percent sure after the first expedition that they have found something quite unusual. Article source
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Anonymous said...

"they",claim it is a "mushroom"....since when does a mushroom leave skid marks.,(unless mushrooms can fly or dive ?first,awhile back,they said there were drag marks where the "mushroom" came to rest,(Both mushrooms),on the bottom of the seabed....wtf?

Anonymous said...

They are working way to slow. If it is true what they say, they will never let anybody jeopardize this mission, especially the government. They dived and found rocks? Why can't they just not go down there by themselves and figure out what it is, instead of trying to film it. It sounds fishy and to good to be true. And about the equipment falling out, I mean common'. If this would happen to me, once going down, returning to the surface and noticing everything is ok, I would return and look it up for my self and trying to touch it. The fact that they don't is fishy to me. Don't get me wrong, I am dying and hoping it is a UFO, but once the government claims it, they are lost. Treasure hunters or not. And what, 2 weeks to go back? Don't make me laugh... No, don't like it.. To slow for me..

Andrew Dixon said...

While the story is very intriguing and needs further investigation one fact at least needs to be corrected. Here's a quote from Wikipedia:-

"The density of water is dependent on the dissolved salt content as well as the temperature of the water. Ice still floats in the oceans, otherwise they would freeze from the bottom up. However, the salt content of oceans lowers the freezing point by about 2 °C and lowers the temperature of the density maximum of water to the freezing point.". "As the surface of salt water begins to freeze (at −1.9 °C for normal salinity seawater, 3.5%) the ice that forms is essentially salt free with a density approximately equal to that of freshwater ice. This ice floats on the surface and the salt that is "frozen out" adds to the salinity and density of the seawater just below it, in a process known as brine rejection. This denser saltwater sinks by convection and the replacing seawater is subject to the same process. This provides essentially freshwater ice at −1.9 °C on the surface."

Please, I hope this does not spoil the serious investigation going on in the Baltic. But for people to take this story seriously the facts need to be accurate.

I'll look forward to more info to be released in the near future.

Nick DK said...

Wierd new update.
Cuz i just read in a danish artikle, that the puzzel was solved and that there was nothing 2 this and that is 1-2 weeks ago. It said it was just made from gas coming from the buttom and that have made the hole in the middel and that mud had build up this formation over time.

Not sure what 2 expect any longer.

Anonymous said...

The Ocean X Team, talked about their Camera, & Satellite phone being nocked out, when getting too close to the Object above, or an EMP Shield,which one naturally assume comes from the object, but when they backed off 200 meters,all
cames back on!?Makes you think what
would happen to the Submersible if
taken down, might not be coming back in a hurry!? Considering the temperature is below zero,is not a place you really want to be stuck in for too long.So it is easy to see, this will take time!!I read that visibility is only about 2-3ft. and the temperature, below zero
not easy!?............

Marta Benito Sas said...

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Anonymous said...

This RIDDLE is cleared 2 Weeks ago,m there is nothing, this THING was build from GAS under the Sea. nothing special.

Anonymous said...

Nothing Electric works ? Then how did you get the initial scans ?

Anonymous said...

The reason they are messing with this and trying to make people believe that something unusual is down there is because they want the hype and viewers but in reality it is only a stone-bed and nothing more. don't be dragged into the rubbish that they are saying, they are just hyping it all up and it's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Thats a good question, AT: 10.41am.

Maybe the first dive was free from
the EMP.Shield!?"OR something else"

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...talk about a deflated BALLOON!?...just when we thought things were warming up from below zero.........?

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