Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Could It Be? Virgie, Kentucky: 16/10/2012

This made the news! A strange object seen over Virgie, Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountain area. Witnessed on 16/10/2012 and photographed through a high-powered telescope, it was reportedly seen in several areas of Pike County and the Appalachian Mountains. Was it simply a solar balloon as some assume it maybe? Have you, our readers, seen or know anyone who has seen this?

News feature on the mystery object:
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Anonymous said...

Wth is a solar baton. It soumda lime this site likes to just make stuff up so ppl dont believe what they actually saw. Or is it a lantern lol

Anonymous said...

My roommate and I have seen this through his binoculars and I can tell you this thing morphed into 2 cylindrical objects, but prior to, it was a ball that was spinning it changed into two cylindrical objects and went behind the clouds. It was very surreal and lots of contrails in the sky. We saw this in Oklahoma on the highway about to hit Texas.

Anonymous said...

How about you learn to spell before you make comments on anything little boy.

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