Sunday, October 21, 2012

Triangle UFO? Hilo, Hawaii: 19/10/2012

Triangle UFO video sent in by a reader, apparently this occurred over Hilo, Hawaii on the 19th Of October.
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Anonymous said...

Just askin'....

Whatever happened to flying saucers?

Cigar-shaped craft?

Has any serious inquirer made a theory on why the prevalent form of UFO seems to be the triangle?


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,my understanding is they are Earth made,and I have seen a CLEAR photo of this craft being hoisted out of water after crashing, presumably after a test flight,because it was quite banged up in this photo!But also you can consider the: Tr-3B Top Secret US.from area 51 that is triangular in shape!and so it goes on with anything that comes from area 51
and also think,not just from area 51 but from other places here on earth,there's a lot going on,and we've only scratched the surface...

Anonymous said...

Also Tom,the triangular shape,of these craft,might be in part,
symbolic of the all see eye on the
pyramid,as we know it,but I don't think thats the only reason,just a thought though............

Michael said...

Yes Tom. That's been a prevalent question throughout the UFO community for years. The most obvious explanation for the triangular shape of these craft is it's extremely aerodynamic.

Anonymous said...

I agree,that the triangular shape is extremely aerodynamic in the conventional sense of technology, as we understand it, but not necessarily the case with antigravity technology!! because craft using this technology, don't
fly in the conventional sense we are use too.It has been seen,that
some ufo discs, can just shoot straight up,with no air resistance
on the surface at all,and with no
turbulence of air left behind it,
just straight up! when one might
expect the craft to turn on its edge,and go up using aerodynamics,
not the case evidently! It has been explained that the air is parted,to close in behind the craft
as apposed to slicing through the air,as is in flying through it.
The same with water!?

The ground??! don't know how that works!? but you might recall stories of ufo entering the ground
and exiting it,so too in Mountains!
One could think there was some sort of doorway or maybe the craft its self,TELEPORTS into an underground base,its beyond me!

The "extraterrestrial Craft" don't fly!! they can MOVE at high speed
in an Electro-Magnetic field in our
atmosphere, using time...........

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