Friday, October 26, 2012

UFO's Visit Hoboken, New Jersey USA: 22/10/2012

Please view this footage in full screen :

On monday evening the 22nd of november ,I went to the 3rd level of my fire escape behind my building where i can usually look up to the stars on a clear night. i had my yukon nightvision 5x42 monocular with a mini angel eye dvr connected to record the nightime sky. after observing some sattelites and slow moving objects, i spotted this faint triangle shaped pattern moving in a straight line. it was not moving with the front of the triangle moving forward but all the points of light, maintained a consistant and even spacing. i followed the object for about 20 seconds or so before it was obstructed by my building and out of view. if the video is watched , it seems that the image is not solid as the stars can be seen thru the design of the lights. the video is not of great quality becuse the object was faint and the static was distracting so i put it into i movie to darken and lessen the static.
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