Friday, October 26, 2012

UFO Ovnis, Campagne de Dreux: 31/07/2012

UFO Ovnis Over Campagne de Dreux? 31st July 2012 2
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light strange turn around ... UFOs??? The phenomenon lasted well 45min. Just before a helicopter of the army was increased to 2-3 taken over our homes not flying high ... 1 point fixed light was in the sky for a while intensely bright and the night is strongly installed, a second then a third point of light appear to turn from his time spent around 4-5 helico distances and heights more or less diffentes. It is clear that the movements are anormals one point revolves around another 3 to form a diagonal line juska ... at the end of it off 1-1 Just Fool! It does not happen to others ;)
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