Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Changes To Website Title Image

A few readers have contacted me regarding this issue, recently.
I've been informed that the Belgium Triangle UFO image, featured as the website title image, was recently confirmed as a hoax (even though it was meant to be a still taken from a video back from 1990!) I've been told as a result, that when new or returning readers come back to site, seeing the image unsettles them.
Though the claims about this image are still debated, we've listened to our loyal readers, and changed the image! I'd like to ask you to submit your best and most genuine UFO images to our email here, to be featured as our title image.
We have a temporary photo up but we will review all the images sent in, and choose the most striking genuine UFO snap, to feature on our site!
Keep your eyes to the skies all!
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