Sunday, August 17, 2008


Very Interesting triangle Ufo Video, does anyone know any more on this?
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Anonymous said...

play the video in full screen. you will see that the 'ufo' has a fuzzy square around it, much like a cutout. this is because that small layer has been put over the original video and edited together. you will also notice that within this small square the colour of the nightsky is different from the area around it. i'm pretty sure it has been taken from another video and put over the original footage. not very well either.

Anonymous said...

it may not even be from another peice of video footage. could quite easily have been computer generated and placed onto this video. but you can clearly see where they have put it over the top of the sky because the lighting etc don't match up to the parts of the sky that havent got anything over. also as i said you can see the square 'cut out' looking parts around the ufo.

Anonymous said...

Terrible fake. Obvious motion tracking error at 0:24 seconds. Sad. very sad.

Nick dk said...

yes...fake by the way it moved.

pretty obv.

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