Monday, August 18, 2008


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BRIGHT FLASHING UFO near amusement park near GALVESTON,TX. A bright FLASHING OBJECT was seen by me and my family as well as other patrons while eating at a restaurant that faces towards the Gulf Coast. I proceeded to take a closer look by taking a ride on a boat that got me 15 miles closer towards the object. While in the sea facing in the direction of the OBJECT, I was able to capture it with my video camera. The wind made it harder for me to use my viewfinder and to keep my camera steady. Once on land back at the amusement park, I was able to record some more footage of this bright object that moved very slow and come to a stationary position at will up to 30 or more minutes. I decided not to include date and time on the footage because I feared that it would interfere with the recording of the object. Rate this posting:

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