Friday, August 22, 2008

UFO Sighting Lake Travis in Central Texas 17 Jan 2008 FOX 7

You may remember the story earlier from Stephenville, Texas of locals claiming to have seen a UFO. Now, a central Texas man is claiming to have seen one over Lake Travis, and he's got pictures to back up his claim.

Virgil Fowler was taking pictures of the sunset this week, when he says he captured a UFO flying over Lake Travis. He was looking at his pictures and saw something he couldn't explain. "I was kind of surprised to see something in the pictures, something more than the sunset," Fowler said.
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Anonymous said...

Thats just a incect mate get a grip

-J said...

The black thing is an artifact that is to protect the camera sensor from freaking out because of the strong light. You find this effect on most cheap cameras. The white thing can be anything really.

Anonymous said...

L-O-L an insect? AN INSECT? LOLOLOL Get a brain mate.
I'm not sure what it is, but I am sure what it ain't -
It's not an insect and it's not an 'artifact' to protect a cheap camera. LOL. I believe in maintaining a healthy skepticism but come on - If you choose to discount any and all evidence of something that you simply will not accept, please, at least point to something that is within the realm of serious possibility~!

Anonymous said...

WHOA! Make 'em count son.

CCRanch said...

The object appears to be the identical object I saw many years ago in the west Austin sky. There were several other people outside yelling loudly and pointing at the same object. I kept my cool and called Bergstrom (now Austin Airport)and they promptly denied having any aircraft in the area. I saw it several miles closer than in the photo, at cloud level maybe 1/2 mile away. Just hung there motionless, no noise, dark shiny smooth surface with the light blue 3pm sky as background and the sunlight reflecting off one side. No mistaking this was a solid object. Not a blimp, no carriage underneath, no wings, no tail, no propellor, no windows, no lights. Just like a huge polished stone hanging in the sky.
I am interested in contacting the man who took this photo. I think he might be curious to know some detail about it. I saw it from arrival to departure from N.Lammar.

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