Thursday, August 28, 2008

Triangle Ufo over Phoenix Arizona USA 19-08-2004

Either this is some new craft or a huge triangle Ufo - if i am not mistaken?
Seen over Ufo hot spot Phoenix Arizona 19-08-2004 , what your thoughts?
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thegavino said...

Looks real to me, if you notice the lights are lighting up and a sequence. Very interesting. Looks like a the craft is in the shape of a point'y bow.

Anonymous said...

cool, if you move the progress slider back and forth you can see it rotating. if its real its one of the best ive seen so far

Anonymous said...

Can you say air plane. You fucking morons will believe any vidieo is a ufo.

Endrid.D.Cold said...

An airplane? AN AIRPLANE? Can you say idiot? Your extreme stupidity makes YOU the moron. Fucking idiot~!

Anonymous said...

Looks real to me too.
There's no way that's a plane.
If you truly consider this being a plane then you probably never watched an airplane at night flying over.
The brightness of the lights do not correspond with the beacon lights that airplanes MUST have.
Calling this an airplane followed by calling the person who videotaped this plus the commmenters above you fucking morons is highly disrespectful.
Consider doing your research a bit better before making lousy comments.
Thank you.

Roel Poelwijk
The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

as me beeing a grafix guy i can tell it 'looks' real. the zooms are ok - the focus does what it should and i agree there is a slight turn when you scrub the video.

the only thing that bugs me is the truly steady camera.

anyone beeing disrespectful about this video must either be very poor on mind or payed by someone else to be disrespectful.

it could be a airplan - that means a man-manufactured flying object - but non that public is told about, 6:57 - so either come forward about your knowledge or do as roel said your research and also tell us about. dont be afraid, feel loved cause you are.

Anonymous said...

i think alien UFO's have advanced beyond lgights underneath their scrafts.

its aplane dum dums.

Anonymous said...

"i think alien UFO's have advanced beyond lgights underneath their scrafts."

"its aplane dum dums."

I think a ufo is a unidentified flying object. You are talking about extraterrestrial lifeforms flying in ufo's. That's a whole different subject.
But I'll embrace you with my vision upon your 15 year old typing and grammar skills.
I think that if there was anything in the skies that we're not (yet) familiar with or just not anymore that we should explore every possible angle and openly discuss. Once the masses can no longer deny a fact they will embark on a race towards the truth.
Beings with such technology/spirituality use light as a powersource. I'm not a religious kind of guy but doesn't the bible refers to beings of light coming from the skies ?
Do your research before calling anyone names and blindly accepting such bold theories about aliens/ufo's/lights in the sky/etc.
If you have faith in the knowledge you posses and make such statements then why leave such a message anonymously ?


Roel Poelwijk

Anonymous said...

Somehow the voices in the video make me doubt the authenticity of the video
pretty good though

Anonymous said...

Its a flying DILDO!!!!!!!!

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