Thursday, June 10, 2010

Animal mutilations linked directly to Ufos in the UK

The constant reporting of sheep mutilations here in the UK continue from numerous farmers in the midlands. Many farmers are taking this seriously here, they have nothing to gain coming forward and infact they are losing money from the loss of livestock.

Yet another new report in this month show that mutilations have 'surgical precision' with the removal of organs with 'laser like cuts' -   'no predator or scavenger could be responsible for what we are seeing here ' says Mike from the UK Animal Pathology Field Unit.

Many farmers report seeing Ufos and strange lights the night before these mutilations occur .. pointing a direct link to Ufo interaction:

Recent BBC article:
A Walsall man has told BBC WM that aliens and UFOs are responsible for a string of animal attacks in the UK. Mike Freebury, a member of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, has investigated the mystery of 'cattle mutilations' for a number of years.

The phenomenon, first reported in America in the 1970s, involves the unexplained deaths of rural animals.

The bodies are often discovered with missing limbs and organs, removed with surgical precision.
Mike says that the illegal attacks are also happening in Britain - and UFOs are responsible.

"Certainly, in my opinion, the UFOs are something that relates directly to the animal mutilations,"
he told BBC WM presenter Brett Birks.

"They're often seen around the areas where mutilations are taking place. I think that the animal mutilations are possibly some sort of sampling programme being carried out by the entities that are propelling these crafts."   
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Research to be taken seriously -
Richard D. Hall interviews Mike Freebury of the Animal Pathology Field Unit. Mike has been investigating strange animal deaths in the Dartmoor region. One particular area of Dartmoor has suffered a large quantity of unexplained sheep deaths. Mike also explains interferance he has encountered from the authorities, who accessed his mobile phone records:

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