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Eyewitness Testimony! 1952 Washington DC UFO Incident.

Sent in by a reader:
At 3.45 in this video an insert of an eyewitness testimony, on the incident.
 In July of 1952, exactly five years after the UFO wave of 1947 and the Roswell "incident", some of the original group returned once again to make a more visible statement. However now, sixty one years later, the government is still lying and trying to deny the truth...
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Paul said...

B. Present﷓day Manifestations of the Fallen Angels
The conclusion, therefore, is that while there is nothing inconceivable about visits to Earth by extraterrestrial civilizations in the past, even the near past, there is no acceptable evidence that it has happened, and the evidence deduced for the purpose by various enthusiasts is, as far as we can tell, utterly worthless.57
This raises the important question: Why are UFOs never spotted in space by the radar network designed to monitor the presence of every spacecraft in the vicinity of the earth, but are detected only by ground and airborne radars that can see targets within the earth's atmosphere? 64
We have drawn our extraterrestrial humanoid data from two sources: contemporary UFO sightings and historical events as described in tile Bible. Now if both sources of these similar data are indeed telling us the truth, it is virtually certain that they are, in fact, talking about the same, or closely related, phenomena ﷓ as we have earlier implied.70
... angels of Satan, who, as we have before shown, are not unclothed spirits, but possess spiritual bodies which they can render visible and tangible at will.72
But there is another correlation definitely linking UFOs to the fallen angels.

If UFOs are the manifestations of' fallen angels, then we should expect a direct correlation of UFO activity with military conflict involving Israel.

Since 1946 there seems to have been acceleration in both interest and in manifestations (of UFOs). 80

Serious UFO research groups, who tirelessly sift, sort, and systematize reports, will never forget 1973.

As the reader probably knows, the 1973 Middle East crisis was the Arab﷓Israeli conflict known as the "October War." Most persons even vaguely familiar with UFOs know that 1947 was a banner year. Israel became a nation again on May 14, 1948, following much prior conflict. I did not look for UFO statistics for the time of the other two major Israeli conflicts, 1956 and 1967, but I have no doubt that such statistics will likewise show increased UFO activity.

FROM: amessageforthehumanrace

Anonymous said...

It seems to me,the governments "definition" of what proof & evidence are,is different to what
we understand.What more do they need?..A LANDING ON THE FRONT LAWN!???
They'd probably say,that's one of ours! no proof of Extraterrestrial,here:) do you prove definitively???

Even if you could bring ETs on TV.."an interview!?"..They'd probably say, OURS in costume!?
A LIE at every level, Richard C Hoagland has said, and still would say!...LIES!!!

The truth is made to look small,and shadowed by disinformation and innuendos of little green men, etc,etc!?

As for the citizens hearing,THAT went quite well,in my opinion, for the lifting of the "truth-embargo" We will have to wait and see, if an act of God,WILL lift it!? I did notice that, "some" on the panel,were not THAT aware of the ET.presence,and thought there was something interesting in all of this, to learn. So if this tells us anything,maybe some part of government will see their way,to shift
a mountain, and do the right thing,God willing!?..I say good luck to them,and all God speed, because do they know what they are about to face,or facing RIGHT now!!?..
On something, that would take "An act of God to release" as it has been said..can't wait!..........

Anonymous said...

Good one! Thanks, Matt--

P.S. As for the "We the People" response by the White House, there's no evidence at all that either present or previous administrations since Eisenhower have known one iota more than the average citizen. Not even the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The conundrum is how and why, and finally: Who then? The proper response isn't "Liars," as the subtitle charges. Foolish to waste good energy blaming enemies that don't exist.

The ones who do know are unknown, and they participate in this cover-up outside the proper roles of government and the military while somehow embedded in both. It's they who need to be discovered, not obvious targets like the current or past administrations, who are clueless.


Anonymous said...

It is strange that everything happens in Us. I guess they was more paranoid at that time just after the war.

Anonymous said...

"Paranoid at that time" 1947 yes!..not just,in the US.....but the focus IS!! WHY?

Hahaha!..Well, Area51 does not exist, right?..when we know it does:)..Sooo what else does not exist?:) in the United States of America? While people see, and know differently.

Covert experiments take place in Area54..Back engineering of crashed S4 and NOT ALL of this, filters back to society!..for example: FREE ENERGY!? and more.The secret space program,is withheld from society!..and most of the UFO. sightings, are from this program.

All of this and more,started covertly from: Area51..that does not exist, OFFICIALLY!!
Talk about hiding out in the open:) see me, but I don't exist, they say!! Is this some sort of bent schism? a breakaway organization,for exotic technology? You can work for them
get paid well,but keep you mouth closed,or your family will suffer!...THAT'S HEAR RAISING!?

In return for your loyalty and duty at Area51 what technology have you received in society
and what ever did happen to the: 2.3 Trillion dollars that reportedly went missing!?
Your hard earned TAX!!!..POOF GONE!..Where?..start counting!..That's an awful lot of bacon!
A lifetimes income,for how many? lol Can only happen in good old USA:)...

We think America and its people are wonderful!!but the dark side, is something else.....

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