Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UFO Downunder! Tannum Sands, QLD Australia

Interesting UFO news from downunder. This UFO was filmed over Tannum Sands, in Queensland Australia:

 NEW video footage of a strange light over Gladstone and Tannum Sands on Saturday shows the light flaring orange before returning to white. Peter Harbrown shot the footage with his mobile phone. He said he saw the light at 8.30pm, and "it definitely looked odd". A reader who also saw the light said he and his friends all tried to take pictures with their phones, but when the lights were overhead "all of our stuff just shut right off. It was bizarre to say the least!" Source read more
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Anonymous said...

As soon as someone says "flames were dropping off the back of it" you know its solved, as its a chinese lantern.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cause that's what we do in Australia, let off Chinese lanterns

Anonymous said...

You mean,that's why there are so many UFO sightings in Australia!..Aussies letting off Chinese Lanterns, in celebration & fun...you wallies!!! A Chinese Lantern celebration,can turn into a "UFO phenomenon" & people in the UFO community are sick of it!
don't you know?...Try letting off an "Australian Lantern" with "Aussie-UFO" plastered all over it:)..maybe someone will get the message!.............?:)

jeffrey clancy said...

LMFAO, i can't believe you all. This was me, and two mates who did this, i could tell you how, but i am not going too!
Also had a sighting the next night. Yep, us again. lmfao. some people are so gullible.
It was not that hard too do.

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