Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UFOs In Christchurch New Zealand: May 2013

Were these sky lanterns over Christchurch, in New Zealand this month?
If you live in the area we would like to hear from you, if you saw these lights:
The release of "wish lanterns" at a birthday celebration for a Christchurch cancer sufferer may explain "strange" lights seen in the skies last night. The lanterns were released in Fendalton at a gathering for Danelle Wakefield. Wakefield has been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma cancer, which is a rare cancer normally found in children, and not adults.Despite aggressive chemotherapy on a tumour in her shoulder, Wakefield has been told she has between two months and two years to live. 
At a birthday party held for Wakefield last night, her family let off some "wish lanterns".
A poster on the event's Facebook page said it was "a beautiful moment" and that attendees joked that someone would "think they are aliens as they floated around the sky". Wakefield has two children and is step-mother to a third.A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she and her husband she saw "strange lights" over Bryndwr at 8pm last night. "My husband and I were leaving our property on Aorangi Road at 8pm when my husband checked for traffic looking south. 
"He saw strange lights in the sky. When I first looked they appeared to be fireworks, however they were not as they remained bright orange in colour and in a formation of approximately 12 lights moving at the same rate," she said. 
The pair saw the lights head north in two groups. "We turned the car engine off and stood on the road looking at them and there was no sound at all of aeroplane engines, they moved slowly, steadily and silently.
Nathan Hanna said the lights appeared to travel northwards direction, against the easterly breeze. One even appeared to move independently in an opposite direction at one point. 
"I can't say what the UFOs were, but can safely say they weren't lanterns," he said. Source read more
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looks like the lights in israel

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