Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UFO On Camera - Hull, UK: 12/05/2013

A strange and bright UFO craft with different coloured lights, filmed over Hull in the UK. Does anyone have any idea what this craft could be?

Filmers comments: caught this crazy footage from my garden on the 12th may at 1.20am onwards facing east ,the strange craft was silent and hovered around the same area for about 15 minutes ,i have cut the video down to 7mins 30secs and it is 100% real footage but of what i do not know
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Anonymous said...

I love how a Ufo has traveled across the milky way to visit Hull. Perhaps they will be able to work out what they're saying because we southerners can't.

Anonymous said...

So it sat in one place for 15 minutes and nobody thought to move closer to it? Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Looks good footage if its not true ur kidding yourself...times a changing im afraid..get prepared..

Anonymous said...

Lol F - for free flowing:)

They will be reading his mind, F - F & WTF flabbergasting for both............:)

Anonymous said...

starbord and port lights most likely from a terrestrial aircraft. There is really nothing to suggest anything unusual about this sighting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, starboard & port, IF it were terrestrial! but how do you explain the moving around of those lights?..three at one point!and the green changes to amber a few times,not what you would expect,from a terrestrial craft we understand,Unless, it were an extraterrestrial imitation of terrestrial,in mimicking our technology. I've heard they have a sense of humor!....a dry sense of humor! well some do!..The tall whites for one, but not all!

Way out, right?:)

I'd heard, someone had asked a "Tall White" in Area51...where had they came from?
The tall white, asked this guy, if he knew about astronomy. Not really,he replied.
The Tall White said, then if we told still, would not know!! .0.0.
I would have asked how many light years away:) better to understand something,than to be stumped, & pipped at the post:) Check it out:

"Charles Hall. videos" a Nuclear Physicist! he worked in Area51 for years. Some of you will
recall, Charles & his wife, interview on Australian TV.on the Tall Whites!.................

Anonymous said...

white moving light. no sound single light not helicopter no sound although low.
not plane one light orig thought star. moves fast over East hull villages.

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