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Readers Personal Sighting July 2013

Readers Personal Sighting July 2013.. post in progress..

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Cambridge in southeast Ohio.
Last night, July 11, I was fishing alone in Salt Fork State Park. At approximately 3:30 to 5:00 AM, I witnessed these same lights that i've seen in recent weeks. Until now I never thought much about them, 3 separate lights of orange color could be seen hovering above the tree line. After slowly ascending into the sky a separate object of the same shape and color began to fall back into the trees. Again, I assumed they were fireworks or some kind of artificial light. After not thinking much about it again, 3 fighter jets were scrambled within minutes flying very low above where I witnessed the objects. I then looked at my phone to take a video which then flickered and died, I had half a battery left. My lantern began to experience the same effect and eventually dimmed out with a full tank of gas. Once the jets were flying in the area I saw nothing else. Again, I really thought nothing about it until the morning and I decided to check out the area where I believed the object may of fell. Being a photographer I attempted to take pictures of the area, I really didn't even see anything but I was greeted with what looked to be federal officers of some sort, definitely not local police officers. I attempted to ask what the problem was and no one answered me. Told me to get out before they confiscate my camera and equipment, being 6:30 AM and tired I followed suit, it looked like I really shouldn't mess with those people. I couldn't understand why they would tell me to leave when nothing was in sight, but that is what really scared me and lead me to write this email. I have been trying to find other witnesses but have not had luck yet. The last objects I saw on July 6, of the same shape and color had multiple witnesses. I googled it and found your website with the video taken on July 6th in Ohio with multiple lights in the sky. In contrast though these were not connected but flying in formation like a mini swarm until one fell back into the trees.

Aldbury, Herts. 
At around 0815hrs this morning 16th July I was drawn to what to something I couldnt immediately explain. High in the sky, I estimated it could have been as high as 25,000ft plus, I noticed what began as a single bright white light. It almost looked like someone with a hige torch, shining it in my direction. It them appeared to fade a little, then re-appear, almost as bright. It changed from bright to very dull, to almost invisible, with no specific regular pattern. I noticed as I always do every morning, several passenger jets coming in for Heathrow, Gatwick, and Luton. They use the sky above as a holding pattern. This light was way above these. In the sky beneath what I beleive was this light, were several contrails from aircraft passing through, not connected to the landing pattern. The light continued to be bright one second, then dim, almost as if it was a reflective surface, moving in the win d in the atmosphere? When it faced the sun, which was already bright at that time of the morning, it caught whatever it was and thats what I felt I was seeing a bright reflection, but really, really bright white light. I kept watching over around 20 minutes and I realised whatever it was, had moved very slowly from left to right. It appeared to have travelled from a westerly direction, probably Aylesbury and across my position, heading east towards Hemel Hempstead and I guess west London. It was the intensity of the white light which caught my eye the most, it was really bright at its fullest. I have no idea if it was a star? Or a planet? Just seems weird as the sky was already bright and blue, I just cannot think of what it might have been? 

Unkown for privacy
I had a very close up view of a triangular shaped UFO in my backyard. It was behind my house and seemed to be just above the tree line. It was making an awful noise like there was something wrong with it which is what drew me outside at twelve at night on the dot. It had three red rings at each point and a revolving strobing white light in the centre of the craft. It was all lit up underneath with white neon like lights in long lines. i assume they were landing lights. I could make out three hatches in the bottom of the craft which i assume the landing gear would come out of. The craft was extremely beautiful. It was a pearly metalic finish in an odd colour. Off white it looked like a mixture of gold silver and olive green metalic pearly sort of finish. Hard to describe. It hovered overhead and appeared about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, if I held it with an outstretched arm, slightly larger. As it hovered I clearly saw it turn o n the spot. It also moved sideways slowly and hid behind some tall trees. I ducked my head inside the house for a few seconds to call my partner who was sleeping upstairs. When I looked back outside it had vanished from where it was. I looked up and there it was directly above the house. It was now only the size of a bottle top and must have shot directly up very rapidly as I only took my eye of it for a couple of seconds. It turned again on the spot and headed down the valley for several hundred meters. it was now dark underneath no neon lights lighting it up. only the three red rings and the white strobing light in the middle were visible. The rings looked like they were red hot metal or possibly even red hot ceramic. Like glowing orange red. I used to make pottery and it reminded me of the glowing pots when they were about 1000 degrees celcius. The craft then turned again without banking and flew over the top of the ridge behind my house and was gone. The sighting last ed for about 20 seconds or so. I live on a busy state highway one main road , but in a rural area, in a bush clad valley. No close neighbours at all. It was odd because the night before this sighting, we were awoken by a loud noise, a shock wave and a brilliant blue flash of light followed by an enormous explosion which shook the building and felt like it hit the ridge behing the house. This happened at four in the morning. We got up to see what it was as we thought maybe a plane had crashed or a meteorite had crashed up in the bush. We found nothing , no smoke trail in the sky, no plane crash in the bush, just a still clear starry night, no clouds at all, so it wasn't lightening. Next morning we found our phone line was out. The technician fixed the line but our phone fax still would not work. On closer inspection we found all the circuit board was melted and burnt out. We have had on going problems with the phone line and one technician said that our line and only our l ine was burnt out 5 kilometers back at the junction box. I don't know if the two incidents are connected but I strongly suspect they are. The UFO sighting keeps replaying over and over in my head still three months later.
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Nemesis said...

To the informant from Ohio: The next time you have a sighting such as the one you have reported, try to remember this; any assumed 'authorities' out searching the area you believe something has fallen to earth in will not appreciate your input nor your interference, because what they may be searching for may be part of the mystery that those same 'authorities' have been hiding from us for the past 80 years.

Keep your distance, remain hidden and observe what is going on without being observed yourself.

Do not trust the government or any of its agencies with any information you may feel will be of use in searching for something they will in all probability, want to keep secret from you!

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