Monday, July 15, 2013

UFO Sightings in North Carolina July 2013

Have you seen them?
UFO news report:Two men in Shallotte, North Carolina have been experiencing and recording UFO sightings on a consistent basis since 2012:

 "In the beginning I was nervous at times being a family man with young children these lights are happening very close to my home,” said Joe Kiernan. “Very, very close just several hundred feet away and often times not much higher than the trees." Brandon Brodsky and Joe Kiernan are two everyday guys who claim to see lights in the Carolina sky that are out of this world. 
 "When you see it usually most of the time it starts off as one orb, one orange orb that's almost see through and they will string out almost like they're birthing out of each other,” said Brandon Brodsky. “There's no sound. There are no helicopters or airplanes, nothing that could be explained."
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