Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UFO Emergency _ Ufo hunters

Actual recordings of calls from citizens and from dispatchers and police concerning strange sightings. Includes witness interviews and also some actual video and photographs of the events.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks!..for the "UFO Hunters" It just goes to show, we're all human when it comes to it,
it doesn't matter whether your Police or Pilot,UFO Hunter,or just YOU! if your fearful of
the unknown,then that is what makes you very human!....So,what are these things that have
never been seen before? we call these things UFO.but are we any better off than sixty odd years ago,as to what they are!? You'd think by now,we would know,and many claim they do!
BUT!the Police officer didn't,did he? and the UFO Hunters don't..other than its a UFO.-ET.
So what I'm getting to hear, is what are they? who are they? why are they here? where are
they from? what do they want?..and when we go up to say Hi!! with a missile in their direction,they speed off,faster than a bullet could catch up.Can you blame them? Who ever
THEM are!? I don't know!? for all we know,it could be one smart,self preserving computer
that speeds off, but just the same, whats behind it? Ours! from here on earth? in other
words: "The Secret Space Program" and maybe, some from other places!? such as intergalactic
or other Dimensional and so on.I mean it is, an appropriate question to ask,when seeing these lights,WHAT ARE THEY? that which WE understand as being UFO. when they may NOT be!? because these lights that are seen, might well be technology; of something else, not comprehended just yet by us.Some of these lights seen,have been reported to have been seen to wink in, and wink out just to appear else where at the same time, "to jump!" apposed to moving to that location.Would this be what we would expect in time travel? or time transport? the craft beams to that location,not move in our time!? but can, and has been seen to move in our time
domain and then just fade away or wink out!? in other words just disappear! good trick!
now you see me,now you don't.We're not used to that!so we ask the question; WHAT IS THAT???

So yes, what is it, that's being seen? That question still reigns to this day................

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