Monday, July 15, 2013

Cigar UFO over Kingman Arizona 07-12-13 ?

Filmers comments:
Was filming chemtrails, planes and the sun yesterday and I filmed a craft that first appeared to be an airplane but once zoomed in realized very quickly it was not a plane at all, so what do you think it is?
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Greg St. Pierre said...

No way that's a plane, I don't care what the sun's angle was. This badly needs image stabilization to better study those little flashes.

Anonymous said...

legendary ufo cant believe youve got a great video of it,loads of people have seen this,you should check out the story about these being spotted in jersey south coast of england by a plane packed with passengers who all seen it,they reckon these ufos are massive there about a mile long,great video waited ages to see this one

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