Monday, July 15, 2013

UFO lights above South Bend Indiana 13th July 2013

An interesting series of parallel UFO lights above South Bend Indiana 13th July 2013.
RealUfos would like to hear from readers in Indiana who may have also seen these lights.

Filmers comments: I live about 4 miles north of downtown South Bend Indiana and a mile and a half north of Notre Dame Indiana. At 10:15 pm on July 13 2013 I was watching TV when I looked out of my living room window to the south and saw a red/orange object traveling from the East going to the West. It looked to be about twice the size of the brightest star. I went out into my back yard and saw that there were two of them. I got my phone in video mode and filmed them until they went behind my neighbors trees. I saw that there were three more coming into view and I filmed them as well until they also went behind the trees. I switched my phone into HD mode and got another, much better video of one of the objects. When I zoomed into the last one you can see its colors changing rapidly. They were all travelling at the same speed and in the same direction but not in a straight line. One was a little lover than the rest. I don’t know how fast they were moving but they came into view from around a tree to my due South and went out of my view behind my neighbors tree to the Southwest of my house, in about a minuet to a minuet and a half. After the six objects all were out of view I stayed outside for another half hour to see if there were any more. There were not. Source MUFON 
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Oscar Ballard said...

Due to the fact they glow orange upon magnification and are all along the same path at the same
speed, they more than likely are some type of latern or other manmade lighting device. However, wasn't there so don't know all the nuances and/or circumstances!

Anonymous said...

I saw a pair exactly s you described the first two- ad from the South- and at about ten fifteen pm this same night- I was in Vermont. This is very interesting.

paul reno said...

Finally Indiana is forming its own research and investigation headquarters. You can search UFOIndiana on google. You can also go to facebook and search indyufo. We have videos, comments. support from Internationally known UFO researchers. As well as offer suppport and knowledge to those that have experienced a close encounter. Educate yourself

ufo indiana said...

we have been monitoring these things for a little over 70 days now here in Indiana. ufo indiana

ufo indiana said...

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