Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UFO lights Over Salt Lake City Utah July 14th 2013

Scott Johnson records a UFO his neighbours notified him about which was hovering low in the skies above Salt Lake City, the object appears to be a solid steady light which is to the left of the moon in the video.
If you live in Salt lake city and have also witnessed these lights please respond to this post.
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Anonymous said...

I also live in SLC and have 4 minutes of iphone video footage of two identical objects above the city on February 13, 2013. The two objects were initially spotted hovering approximately 50-100 feet above the I-15 NB 600So exit then moved laterally & eventually upward & westward until I lost sight of the objects. I have never seen anything like what I saw that evening.

UFO Girl said...

For the past 6 nights I have been sitting on my deck and have seen Two objects in the western sky . One is very large and overs in one place for 15 minutes . the other moves toward the bigger one, moves to the side and then circles the larger object.
The big one gets incredibly bright , dims and then starts moving and disappears.
Why is no one reporting this ?????

Anonymous said...

"Why is no one reporting this?????"..Well you just, DID!!!!!..and good on you!..but the answer might be:

keep your eye on the sky! and most are NOT!..People just getting on with life,in buildings,were you do not see the sky!..How many people are looking up,when they are outside anyway? unless your mindful of doing so!?Naturally by nature,we all look down where we're walking, and not UP, where its all happening!?

I have noticed in a lot of sightings reported,that unusual bright lights,have caught peoples attention.
Not necessarily because they were looking UP!? but because it just caught they're attention..The point being here is this,how much more would people have seen,if they were more mindful of keeping an eye on the sky!?Its not something we naturally do! The other point of reasoning: "Why is no one reporting this?????"

Well,it could be:..The bright lights people see,are usually followed with a statement like: WHAT IS THAT??
If they think it might be a "Plane or Helicopter" something that is explainable! They are not sure of what they're seeing.I might be HESITANT as well!! Its how we interpret,what we think we're seeing, that can make a difference as to reporting the sighting, or not!? lol but some do anyway.......................

HeyJude1965 said...

I am doing research on sightings in the Utah area over the past 3 yrs.If you have a good sighting or pictures,please contact me judehollingsworth@gmail.com
I would appreciate it. I'm from Idaho and will be in area within the next few months. Please get in touch, love to hear your story!!

HeyJude1965 said...

I am researching sightings in the state of Utah for the past 3 yrs.(Focusing on the last 12 mnths) Ifyou have had a sighting or have pictures you'd be willing to share, please contact me on Twitter @heyjude1965 or email judehollingsworth@gmail.com I'm from Idaho and will be in the state within the next few months. Thanks Utah!

Anonymous said...

I live right off the freeway in sandy and I see strange things most nights. I can't understand what these are because there is no flashing lights, just a bright light that resembles a star and it moves across the sky. Anyone seen these ?

UFO girl said...

I am still seeing these things in the sky. Last night I saw a black rectangle move across the sky . I cannot express to you the awe I am in over all this.
I am asking you all to get out there with your cameras and camcorders .
I have started a youtube page

Please post comments and photos on my page too.

Also please report this on the MUFON site. We need to get some attention on this and we can't if we don't file reports :)

Skylar Hunsaker said...

We seen lights out west of salt lake they definitely weren't anything I've ever seen before, it was at about 1230 am one large light with two or three smaller lights they would move like a plane then stop mid air. I have a video but you can't see the lights that good

Anonymous said...

3 white lights west of Salt Lake City @ 7:47. Jan 5 2015.Stationary and low in the sky.

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