Friday, November 13, 2009

That new 2012 movie review - facts vs reality?

Hollywood has really gone overboard with the new 2012 movie !

Just out today - the new 2012 movie comes no way close presenting a realistic view of what may happen during 2012.

The film portrays that Nibiru (aka planet X ) heads toward and collides with Earth. NASA has commented on the film saying that Nibiru is not real ( a controversial statement in itself -considering the mass panic would they really tell us if a planet was going to destroy us?) and there are no dire events known to happen in 2012 - but this is simply not true - NASA has infact confirmed that we are to expect strong sun storms during 2012 and this will interact with a deterioration of the Earth's Magnetosphere.

Scientists feel the failure of the earths shield during these strong solar storms will be the real concern in late 2012 as it will effect every country and cause wide spread electrical disturbances and this is supported up by scientific forecasts.

Would like to know what you think of the movie if you have seen it:

Either way the movie is one big animation spectacle (see preview) & is likely to amaze most with the big wow factor.. . - but is this hype misguiding the 2012 theories (like the below one)?

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Anonymous said...

Bad music , along with these clips , is not the way to get on my good side.

suburbanknights said...

Planet X, Solar Flares, Galactic Alignment, Mayan Calendars... it's all horse shit. Do REAL research and find out why 2012 is one MASSIVE hoax.

Anonymous said...

We're doomed Captain Mannering!!

Anonymous said...

I believe in UFO´s,but Planet X is nothing more then a hoax.

Anonymous said...

i don't really understand, which 2012 movie are you talking about, the one i watch had nothing to do with this so call planet x colliding with the earth, the one i watch was all to do with the sun, and how was heating up the earth, which cause the earth crust to break up, so I'm thinking use all watched a different movie called 2012???

Anonymous said...

the movie 2012 had nothing to do whatsoever with planet x/nibiru.

Anonymous said...

It was a lot of water in the movie 2012,and last time I checked the world is supposed to end in fire. I'm pretty sure the bible hasn't changed. Maybe some people should read The Book of Revalation. #imjustsaying

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