Monday, November 09, 2009

US government under pressure to speed up disclosure

News in from Colin Andrews about USA UFO disclosure progress:

With a great many important figures now coming forward to share their UFO experiences and governments like Great Britain releasing official UFO documents, there is a real sense that the ground is shifting under the feet of the big silent walls of the United States government.

I am convinced, having spoken with Nick Pope and others about the files that are still to come that its going to be very difficult for the US to remain silent in the face of their own personnel also stepping forward. In the case of Former U.S. Air Force Lt. Milton Torres, his UFO experience took place in U.K. air-space and the official documentation has been released, which leaves the United States in a no win position. The longer they remain silent the worse it will look for them.

Steve Bassett and Edgar Mitchell, along with Nick Pope attended a press conference yesterday and promised more aggressive action after May, if the US does not come clean with its UFO files.
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Anonymous said...

it will never happen!

netwaggie said...

How long will Bassett and others threaten to 'get more aggressive' or 'release sensitive information'. Deadlines set by various groups have come and gone, and there's been no releases of anything. If you have it, share it, otherwise quit wasting the time of those of us still looking.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point. If Nick Pope and respected American astronauts, and other reputable sources are sharing their UFO experiences publicly (or, in the case of the UK - it's opened its government UFO files), it leaves the U.S. government little room to either deny or hide official U.S. government UFO accounts.

For the sake of conversation, though, I’m not sure that this is enough ‘pressure’ on the U.S. government to disclose anything. It seems that the Eisenhower administration (after the U.S. government issued a press release, publicly claiming on July 8, 1947 in the newspaper, Roswell Daily Record that "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer"), did an ‘about face’ next clamping down on admitting anything about UFOs, and supposedly at least partly because of the public fear that this specific press release and article generated. In a way, it seems, back in 1947 the U.S. government attempted UFO disclosure but then, in response to resulting public fear, it ended disclosure. If this was their reasoning – it worked: there has not been any widespread public panic about UFOs since.

What is different regarding concerns about public fear, now? If the U.S. government's reasoning behind not admitting UFOs exists (at least when the sightings began in '47) was to abate public fear - is the public any less likely to panic now?

I ask because the assertion that the U.S. government will soon disclose UFO evidence just because other reputable sources have, recently, seems to assume that the U.S. has kept facts from the public solely because other nations 'in the know' were keeping the facts from their peoples, too. If, though, the U.S. government's reasoning (even if only in part) was concern about fear, upon disclosure, then I'm not sure much has changed and this causes me to wonder if the U.S. government will really disclose anything to a potentially panicked public...especially in this economy. Needless to say, right now the American public is experiencing hard times (unemployment, house values are down, lack of ability to borrow on credit, etc.). Americans are looking for a silver lining, the government knows this, and if UFO disclosure would potentially scare or panic the public, the government is not going to disclose – especially now.


Anonymous said...

disclosure can and should happen, who are they the powers that be-to decide and speak for the world, if only the goverment could see through the eyes of the public just for a second then maybe we would know all the in's and out's of ET's and be at peace not only with ourselfs but the entire world. Think for yourself question athority!

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