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Stunning UFO case - The deadly ufo / ovni lights at Colares Brazil 1977

In what is a stunning Ufo case i find it hard to believe this was never picked up by the media outside Brazil at the time. Sadly what is more shocking is that the Airforce captain who came forward with his testimony for the History Channel Ufo Files series was found dead 2 months after doing this interview - no coincidence right?. The top North coast of Brazil is definitely a Major Ufo hot spot and reports still continue to this day in the region.

In 1977 the Brazilian island of Colares and the area of the Amazon delta were visited by flying objects of an unknown nature. Nearly all kinds of UFOs were seen, some big, some small, saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, barrel-shaped, luminous or not. They arrived generally from the North every day, from the sky and also sometimes from underwater, and it lasted for months.

Regularly, some Island inhabitants were targeted by the objects beaming strange lights at them and many were badly hurt. The Air Force came, investigated, saw, reported. The weird rays hurt 35 people, and civilians fled from entire villages.

Se vocĂȘ testemunhas as luzes ovni perto de Colares no Brasil em 1977 e recentemente realUfos quer saber - por favor, responda a este post.

Watch the documentary:





Part 7 -important

Where exactly is Colares Brazil ? (hmmm interesting - its close to Fortaleza where the apparent Ufo base is)
The captains drawings

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Mantis said...

I really appreciated the inclusion of maps in your posts. Also, is there any update to this story since the Brazilian files were released? There was talk in the video of footage being shot, but the researchers at the time did not see it. I have not found any video footage included in that country's disclosure. Where should I be looking?

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