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Nick dk said...

How does this become a "Large triangel UFO" ??

So if 3 different planes in the sky is spottet at the same time, then its "One large triangel plane" ??

Anonymous said...

Ahh those Chinese Lanterns again . .

UFO Admin said...

looks a lot like theose chinese sky balloons

Dickos Fortuna said...

Wow this is huge... All those people watching!

Anonymous said...

i was just outside with some friends in dekalb illionois and seen the simalar disturbance

Virtually Lucid said...

Nick, I completely agree with you. I'm tired of three (or more) distinct objects, moving independently of one another, with no shared structure between them, being called "triangle UFOs".

Take a paper. Put three dots ANYWHERE on the paper. You have not drawn a triangle. You have drawn three points. You can imagine a triangle. You can use your mind to understand an abstracted triangle. But that's all it is. It is a fabrication of your mind. There is no triangle on that paper until you draw lines from the dots in the proper manner, creating a polygon.

In this video, there is no polygonal shape onto which the dots (i.e. "lights") are attached. Therefore, there is no triangle in this video.

Every time a video is put on this site announcing a "Triangle UFO" that turns out to be a collection of lights (and often one that isn't a configuration that resembles a triangle for more than a second or two), it discredits the site.

It makes you look bad. Please stop calling these lights "triangle UFOs" and reserve that title for objects with clearly defined solid triangular bodies/hulls that aren't an imaginary space, but that block out the background like solid objects do.


Nick dk said...


My point exactly, and had my english been good anough, i would have wrote the same u just did.

So thank u

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