Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apologies for Posting fake Spiral Canada Video


I want to apologise to all our readers for the post about that spiral Ufo video that was meant to be filmed recently over Canada. I attempted to remove this post after closer analysis but my limited internet connection meant the post stayed on for some time. It clearly was a CGI and a viral video to promote the WeatherSpacesite - read more here about the hoax. I appreciate your comments and bringing this to my attention ASAP, yes i agree - it should have never been posted in the first place!

If you are in Canada and beg to differ with me, then please comment if you actually saw the bright spiral object along the coast.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
I also have been viewing the Spiral Object event from May 22nd,2010 in Western Canada.
Who said it was faked and a promotion for the Weather Space Network?
Because I just read an article about a gentleman who got his on non video and on a photo.
So lets not jump the gun just yet.
Who is the source saying its not real? There are three video's plus a few actual photos .I am leaning on it being real and not faked.

William said...

It's cool, I think we're good now. You sure got my feathers ruffled. I have you're site as my hotline so... peace

Anonymous said...

So what, fake or not, I would have posted it anyway. In fact, I posted it on my facebook page even believing it to be fake. You do a pretty good job here and try to bring as much real information as you can and don't do it simple for ratings.

Just keep on posting everything even the fake crap has it place.

Anonymous said...


Stop being stupid. You're making us all look like twats.

Yesika Ceron said...

Hello: Where are the pictures and videos that show this is not fake?

Dickos Fortuna said...

Hey Matt, as an avid regular and contant disser of bad posts, I didn't think that was any worse than many bad posts I've seen... While it does look like ot could be CGI I don't think you necessarily have to assume it is... It's just like the Norway vid, only clearer and with a more Michael Bay ending... which i admit, IS suspicious... But with that said, that website would lose a lot of cred if it was proved to be fake. As the previous commentor asked, has there been evidence it was faked?

Anonymous said...

That particular video was very clearly CGI, let's face it. If this event was real and there's more (better quality) footage, then by all means send it in to Matt!

ryan said...

Apology accepted "real ufos"

Anonymous said...

Yeh it looked very similar to what can be done in particle illusions.
literally choose your particle type, drag where you want it, and done.

further, i think it was too much of a coincidence that it showed up on a locked down camera and stayed in frame perfectly.

but that being said, ive seen stranger things. so who knows.

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