Monday, May 24, 2010

High level Threats Shutdown the Orion Project

Devastating news but not to be unexpected. 4 Key scientists doing research into alternative power research for the Orion project have been scared away by threats.

Four key scientists working on The Orion clean energy project, pull out after a visit by a
former CIA Director. "In the event that anything happens to any of us (injury, false legal
charges, disappearance, death), and we cannot go forward, copies of this information will
be released to the public

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I have posted time and time again about how people who tried to get Stan Meyer's device into production were mysteriously shut down... and im not surprised as it was only a few months ago the Orion project made the annoucement they won their bid to aquire all his patents and research. Mr Meyer made obvious flaws in his patents to scare away copycats but the truth is high voltage frequency pulsed from coils in water can super accelorate electrolysis beyond conventional means - instantly creating Hydrogen gas in huge quantities - ie making water a cheap and free energy source - its something the Oil companies just do not want current science to work out and they want it to still look like pseudoscience when it is no longer.
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