Monday, May 24, 2010

UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon Gets to Stay in UK for Now !

RealUfos would like to thank everyone who voiced their support for Gary - its worked!
The Tory's in the Uk have listened to the years of complaints about this case and have allowed Gary to stay in the UK until a full review of extradition laws is under taken:

Full review of the lopsided extradition law blamed for the unjust treatment of Gary McKinnon was ordered by ministers yesterday.
Theresa May also confirmed she was granting a temporary reprieve to the Asperger's sufferer, who Labour had agreed to send to the U.S., and possibly 60 years in jail.
The Home Secretary said a court case due to begin next week would be adjourned for her to consider new medical evidence about the fragile mental state of the 44-year-old computer hacker.

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Anonymous said...

what did he read that they are afraid of?

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