Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jaime Maussan says NASA still has no explanation for the May STS 132 sighting

Mr Maussan going over that recent STS 132 video from NASA , some strange Ufo or object was seen moving past it - can anyone possibly provide further english translation of what he is saying?
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Lazaro said...

"Saturday May 15th NASA's mission STS-132 which is happening on the shuttle
Atlantis,captured these images where you can see an antenna component that they are adding to the international space station and you can see how behind the component a series of UFOs in formation. Look for yourself these are not asteroids, satellites or even ice. These object seem to be intelligent, extraordinary images."

Anonymous said...

He's saying, more or less:

Before continuing, I'd like to present to you some breaking news. On Saturday, May 15th, the STS-132 mission sees this fleet flying in formation... these objects aren't asteroids or ice, he says. They're intelligently controlled. . .

That's pretty much the jist of it.

Anonymous said...

jaime mausssan was proven to be a gullible joke . when shown evidence of a hoaxed picture he was promoting he still swore it was real lol

Anonymous said...

short of it zigg zaging around i dont find it overly impresive wen i see i dot i dont think alien still anything abnormal in space is interesting and they looked fairly big and uniform in size and shape

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