Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update on the The Orion Project - why top scientists pulled out after CIA visits

The truth is our reliance on Oil can no longer continue - but some multinationals just don't want us to let go yet - there's just too much money and power at stake.  The lengths to which these multinationals will go to stop the release of information on viable alternatives to conventional power sources is unbelievable. These unprecedented defensive tactics only go to prove that these free energy devices are considered a serious threat to the oil and coal industries because they actually do work and they know it !. 

Why else would they get the CIA and sophisticated security teams on their side to ensure this information doesn't make it to the public .The concern they have is that if so called 'pseudoscientific' devices make it into the realms of serious scientific study (like the Stan Meyer Device) and their claims become validated then the implications mean these devices will make it into commercial production and the oil industry will crumble... but you can bet a trillion dollar industry is gonna put up a good fight before this happens.. They have the unlimited resources to obliterate information 'leaks' and this is how they have stopped the Orion project in its tracks.

With the recent BP oil disaster, and the poor image the oil industry now has in the publics mind, we must reconsider our reliance on oil and ensure that initiatives like the Orion project don't fail against the backhanded tactics of these multinationals - cause information is power - we must get the word out!

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Four key scientists working on clean energy pull out of project after a visit by a former CIA Director:
"In the event that anything happens to any of us (injury, false legal charges, disappearance, death), and we cannot go forward, copies of this information will be released to the public.
The file includes every bit of information about the scientists who can do this work and are not allowed to as well as very reliable evidence and information about those involved in the suppression - names, addresses, phone numbers, specific details of actions" - The Board of Directors of The Orion Project.

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Push Back said...

If it really is about doing what is right , then release the information now.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be a really good blow to Al Queda if the United States and other nations moved away from oil to alternative energies? Their part of the world would no longer dominate a major industry and economy on this planet.

Taking it one step further...wouldn't it be excellent if the United States and other friendly nations led the new innovation in clean renewable (domestic) fuel, and resulting industries, to once again empower our respective economies?

Anonymous said...

Come on ...give us the energies NOW...!!

Anonymous said...

if it happenens i dont think usa would be the the first to do it goning by the cover up stories mainly coming out of there and besides put ur nationalism aside this is something far more important.

Anonymous said...

Dickos Fortuna said...

I'm with Push Back. If Dr Greer is really so altruistic, he should stop charging people to go to his stupid conferences and just release the information with diagrams. Write a scientific paper if you're a real scientist. TELL US HOW TO MAKE IT. OR - and I don't see this happening anytime soon, make one yourself Dr Greer and fly it over to the patent office.

Anonymous said...

@Push Back: I kinda agree.

They probably have their reasons for not releasing the info, but if we are to transit into a new era of our civilization (which dr. greer mentions several times elsewhere) then openness and honesty should come first without any exceptions.

But hey, if they actually possess documents which other people have been killed for then I do understand their dilemma.

ninja lyme fighter said...

why they pulled out? because they're sissies. so they only were willing to save the world and to counter the CIA's and FBI's secret dirty games if NOT harassed by them?

Dickos Fortuna said...

If they hold documents which have got other people killed, why haven't THEY been killed? You wouldn't wait for them to make it public would you? Publicising and releasing it openly with a big push would be the best way of protecting themselves

Trstknow1 said...

I think its all propaganda; Dr Greer has had plenty of time to expose the whole "free energy" thing or at least parts of it. All I've heard are buzz words for the machines, nothing concrete. If he does have such information are we in need of demanding full disclosure from him also?

Anonymous said...

@Dickos Fortuna, well they have been threatened. The thing is, if they kill dr.greer they know that it will send an affirmative signal to the masses who follow him.

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