Friday, May 28, 2010

Did you see the Fireball over Ontario ?

Trying to work out if this if from the April report or actually a new sighting.
Please respond if you have seen anything in that area recently:
Mysterious object spotted above Wat. Region
Updated Wed. May. 26 2010 8:28 PM ET
Curious Waterloo Region residents are asking questions after a fireball was spotted in the skies on Tuesday night. Michelle Tremblay-Emary and Kim Schultz captured the sight on video and say it lasted only a minute or two. "It was just huge at first and then it got smaller and it just went so slow," says Tremblay-Emary. Surprisingly, no one seems to know what it might have been. Astronomers at the University of Waterloo and the University of Western Ontario are not aware of any meteors.

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Anonymous said...

If you go to, there is another thing that looks alot like it from TEXAS the second post down.

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I did see it but it did not only last a minute or two, it was much longer. We spotted it after dropping off a friend at home, stopped by the drug store, came out and it was still there (we're talking over 5 minutes) It might have been there at least ten. We followed it until we reached home and it disappeared before we were able to show our family.

Anonymous said...

We saw it too. It was longer than a few minutes. It was a good five plus (we were driving) and there was another one to the right of it that disappeared quickly.

Anonymous said...

I saw what I thought was a fire ball on June 7th 2010 about 22:45 over Stratford/ Waterloo.It's light was red with a white or blue aura around it travelling up very high, and extremely fast. There were 2 airliners up there aswell But not going nearly as fast as it was.

jASON kENNELL said...

YES..Hi My Name Is Jason I live in Stratford so Im pretty close to you.....Me and My Girl weitnessed on two separate nights...a triangular like formation moving very slow..we were camping in Fullarton at windmill park....QWe also saw a bright light moving in all directions for between 2-3 hours starting about 2 am in mid july, we were both in awe as we watched this light and sometimes several smaller ones moving about around the early morning sky...I even flashed a light wich it seemed to respond to...although it might be just also on a few occasions, appeared to be decending..towards us, then it would stop, hover for a bit then make some sort of erratic movement, almost like it was toying with us...up untill i saw all these images and believed us...But i saw it, i KNOW what i witnessed, and i am not ashamed or embarrased to share it with anyone....Hope this helps..sincerely, Jason Kennell.
You can text me if you like @ 1-226-880-0972

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