Friday, May 28, 2010

Cattle Mutilations in Montana and Colorado - on the increase in 2010

So many cow mutilations have been reported in the Colorado and Montana regions since February 2010  that both farmers and police are becoming concerned:

“There was a beam of light come down and it got that calf and that calf went up in that beam of light and was gone!” EarthFiles - Montana Rancher

ArticlePolice are stumped. But rancher Mike Duran, who lost two of his cows to mutilation last December, has a theory that is literally out of this world. He says it was aliens. ]

It's almost like the animal was taken away, killed, surgically manipulated and brought back," Duran told us.

>Some of the wounds on a female cow were "like laser cuts," he said. "There was no blood. No tracks. No witnesses at all."

"Some people say it was a cult. But even if it was a cult, we would find tracks or something like that."

In Duran's mind, that leaves only one other option. "I believe there are aliens. People may laugh at me for thinking that," Duran said. "(The aliens) do what they have to, and then they bring (the cows) back and they drop them back in the field. And that's why there are no tracks."

 Duran is not alone."The female cow's) sexual organs were removed, the eyes were removed, a tongue was removed," said Chuck Zukowski, a self-described UFO investigator and reserve El Paso County Sheriff's deputy, who is trying to solve Duran's case.

 "The pattern is that of surgical cuts. There are no bite marks. There are no scratch marks. There's no carnage on the ground...It's as if it was under surgery." Duran says he found a powerful electromagnetic field coming from one of the cow's carved-out head, only adding to his suspicions that aliens are to blame. .....Article source - continue reading

Since 1967 over 30,000 cows have reportedly been found mutilated in the USA alone!, this number is rising exponentially every year with the majority of cases occuring down a corridor of inland USA between Montana,colorado going all the way down to New Mexico:

Montana video:

RealUfos would like to hear from farmers or anyone who has seen cattle mutiliation - please respond to this post and update us with anything you may know.
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Anonymous said...

Ahh ok, i have posted the vid on youtube 24.05.2010 and i have the full vid with the reporter in the beginning and the end, if that's good

Anonymous said...

Cattle mutilation is the strangest ongoing paranormal phenomenon of which there is much tangible evidence. The ranchers and farmers know from experience their cattle were not the victims of normal predation. A little critical thinking quickly reveals the predator explanation to be false as well. That no progress towards a mundane explanation has been made in the 30-some years this has been happening is very unusual. This phenomenon is among the few most significant "smoking guns" we have indicating the likely presence of ETs visiting our world, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Okay, idea: Start scanning all the cows in the general area for probes in their heads.

Push Back said...

In the old days , ranchers and farmers paid men and women to bring in cattle rustlers dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

why?why would aliens do that?
to so many animals???
over 30,000?
ok if its an experiment....they dont need that much
it's not logical to me...

Anonymous said...

I agree that its not normal, what ever it is doing this, but I don't think Aliens are to blame. I mean why bring the cows back at all? It leaves proof, and eveidence. Doesn't make sense to do so.

Anonymous said...

Call them aliens or demons, they are interdimensional parasites, have been harvesting and feeding off flesh since the beginning. Humans are preferred and 99.9% never seen again, but what evidence is found was left deliberately for the purpose of creating argument, that's right, they understand the techniques of politics and do not want coordinated pushback. Likewise, the abductions are not for the purpose of experiments or genetics, but to discredit witnesses as nuts.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the remains leave proof, why don't you believe it? These grays are not doing hybrid experiments, they don't reproduce as clones and can't eat. The sperm/ova harvests and fetus removals are for the purpose of raising embryos. Right, the grays are you (human embryos) after being raised in vats of nutrient solution obtained from cattle mutilations (and many humans we don't know about). Your skepticism is enough to ensure that nothing gets in the way, but just what do you think you'd be doing about it, anyway? This is no joke or urban legend. Sit around and theorize all you want, until you're the next one on the chopping block. Victims are not killed, but kept alive as long as possible while organs are removed.

Anonymous said...

Who says that the mutilations ar paranormal. Google "Werner Bock Cattle" or "Farmers Ordeal". 75 min documentary in 4 parts, no fiction, just facts, no UFOs. I guess UFOs are more exiting and sell more books.
150 years ago, the farmers did not tolerate cattle and horse thieves, much less sickos mutilating and killing their animals and their livelyhood, and any sheriff protecting the perputrators, would have most likely ended up besides the culprits, suspended a few feet off the ground. Today they get promoted out of the area, and the farmer has a good chance, ending up in the looney bin, if he does not shut up. It is called: Modern civilisation.
As I see it,
Werner Bock

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Before you theorize about aliens lifting the animals up in a beam of light, think about the way they are making people fly on stage or in movies, thin steel cables, combined with a bright beam of light, looks very realistic, add a silent helicopter and voila, the perfect UFO scenario, and who has access to that technology? Need I say more? We are being shafted and bullshitted all over , from the criminals from outside and from inside the government.
Welcome to the "Brave New Corporate World Order", "Satans Ultimate Kingdom on Earth"
Enjoy it while it lasts, but leave me out.
Werner Bock

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