Friday, March 26, 2010

Are we Alone ? - European Space agency spurs debate with new Video

What is the European Space agency trying to tell us with  this new video released this week?

Well .. they explain the French take Ufos seriously - their space agency CNES (The French version of NASA) even has department called GEIPAN which researches all UFO sightings :

Flying saucers, aliens and UFOs are just science fiction to most people, but to some they are real. What's the scientific explanation of these unexplained sightings in the sky? Is there life in space? Euronews Space magazine looks at both sides of the debate.

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Push Back said...

Close the auto play function.

Anonymous said...

Moving the slider forward produces multipul audio tracks

Anonymous said...

Switch off the auto play function. This video starts playing automaticly

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