Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ufo lights seen near Las Vegas ? 10th March 2010

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone else in vegas who may have also seen these lights early in March - please reply to this post.

Posters comments: March 10 2010. We were in front of luxor hotel when 4 lights appeared in an arched position and stayed there for about 1 hour. They were blinking slightly and did not move from that location.They were low to the ground.

zoomed in

 There was also a weird cloud formation in the sky 10 min prior to the lights showing up not sure if that is related ?

Credit to ang for this phot Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

the lights you are refering to, is the holding landing patern for maccaran airport. its always four to eight plans long at all times during high peak hours. so it seems like they are always there till the air traffic slows down coming in. its not rocket sience. I just know the area very well! we need to aliminate these solveble photos!!!!

Maya_Man said...

Speaking as a Las Vegas native, this particular view is looking directly down the flight path for the airport. The four lights are the landing lights of incoming planes. I know it doesn't look like planes. It looks like four single lights. But, trust me, I've watched this in Vegas for years (well, I didn't watch it all the time, I mean...I lived there for 30 friggin' years and didn't spend all that time watching planes land). You can see the lights when the planes are really far away and they look almost stationary for what seems like too long. As they get closer, they get brighter, then you can see blinking, then the single light divides into two and then the planes turn and you can just see that they are planes. You can usually see three to five planes at a time, looking like something in formation because...well, in a way they ARE in formation, being directed from the tower to follow the landing pattern. But, trust me, these are planes.

Also, the "cloud formation" is actually a pretty typical Vegas storm front. Everyone thinks that Vegas is just hot and dry. That's true in a sense, but Vegas also gets amazing thunder storms and floods every year. Try driving through the Charleston underpass after a good storm and you'll lose your car. They have signs up everywhere about not driving into flood waters because people just don't get it. Huge storms release tons of rain on top of the clay table and the tarmac. The result is a series of flash floods.

So, nothing at all unusual for people who know Vegas, but I could understand why it would seem strange if you haven't grown up there.

Oh! If you want to see something REALLY cool, wait until a little after dusk when the birds and bats fly around in the Luxor's beam to catch the bugs. From a distance, it looks like circling fleets of glowing UFO's. It's awesome to watch the light reflecting off of them.

Erin said...

My boyfriend and I were in town for a couple days and that particular night we were on top of the Mandalay Bay Foundation Room on the top floor having a cigarette. By this time it was already dark so I didn't see it the time these pics were taken. We did not have any drinks at this point and were staring out onto the strip and talking. My boyfriend kept staring at something but did not want to take his eyes off of it and told me to hurry and look. As I looked up there was a ball of light in the sky. We thought it could be a plane and then it started making maneouvers a plane could not do. It moved around really fast in circles then shot into the sky and it was gone. We are not big UFO followers but we knew this was something weird. No one believes us but we both saw it. Good to know people in Vegas also saw something weird that night. Not sure what it was but I know it was not a plane or lights from the airport. They would not have been able to make circles and really fast movements this light made.

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