Friday, March 26, 2010

RealUfos site Update


Hope your all doing well,

Firstly, just like to thank all our  readers for your continued support, comments and news and video submissions over the years! Without your submissions and help i would not be able to keep this site updated as often as it it with the latest Ufo news out there. As you may know Ufo sightings just keep increasing every year and the volume of videos and news coming in now is non-stop.

Now by the way ..RealUfos finally has its own facebook page which you are invited to join and post discussion comments on!

And I am happy to announce that RealUfos is currently ranked the No1 top paranomal site at the moment on the internet! and we would appreciate your rating and review of the site if you have time.

Yes sadly our forum is down at the moment while we are revamping it.
And .... we have added the Veritas Ufo radio show player back on the site (lower right) after people requested (and missed) it. I also do love the Veritas radio Show by Mel and appreciate the great work he is doing to help broadcast voices from the Ufo community!


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