Friday, March 26, 2010

CNN - Obama and Ufo disclosure

CNN attempts a look at the Ufo disclosure progress under the Obama Adminstration , esepcially with Podesta's influence as he is pro Ufos.
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Anonymous said...

Apparently, the media and skeptics have limited to no access to a dictionary otherwise they would know that UFO does not equal aliens from mars. It means ANY object that flies in the sky and can not be identified at the time. This could be anything not just extraterrestrial and there is nothing wrong with people wanting to know what it is even if it is made on earth though I would love to see some aliens here and given the fact that our planet is millions of years old and is not the oldest planet out there it is quite possible and probable that aliens are and have visited this planet either with probes or in ships.

Push Back said...

The top part of a video is playing above where it says "CNN-Obama and UFO disclosure".

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