Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hidden message in the BBC advert ?

You may have seen this advert if you over in the UK. This strange commercial on the BBC for their upcoming internet special reminds me of the tall humanoid being mentioned in my previous post. It may be unrelated, but could there be something behind the BBC commercial .. like some message? who knows... either way the advertisement has a sci-fi feel that is quiet appealing.
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Anonymous said...

Since the UK public are forced to pay them, they can make whatever they want.

Push Back said...

A real cool advertisement.

Black Cat said...

i agree with u here matt! it is sometybe of msg!!.. why did they chose the [pleadian] kind!!.... something is changing for the better if u sense it well. last months all sudden [alien movies,music, etc...] was high!. is there some change or revealing soon to be seen?... i guess so, and i cant wait to see it.

Black Cat.

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