Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr. Karla Turner - a serious look at abductions

I've been getting emails for years from people talking about their abduction experiences. At first i discounted these as lunatics but when multiple people recount the same experiences time and time again (see bottom of post)  it brings the topic under question again for me - especially when well respected professionals like Dr. Karla Turner  below detail their experience. Many people have their reputations and careers on the line and don't speak out , but when they do we should listen.

Well educated and spoken Dr. Karla Turner was widely respected in the UFO community for her research on alien abduction. A scholar and professional educator, she earned a Ph.D. in Old English studies and taught at the university level in Texas for more than ten years. But in 1988, she and her husband and son endured a shocking series of experiences and recollections that forced them to recognize that they were all abductees.
She died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. (A strange co-incidence as DR Steven Greer from the disclosure project got the same type of unusual cancer) She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancer.


remaining parts

Had an abduction experience - ?
There are common traits that people email me with  - bright lights trying to communicate with them at first, loss of time, lapse in memory, repeated ufo encounters (always), strange objects under the skin with no entry marks, recurring sleep, headaches, paralysis during sleep,PTSD of no origin and increased psychic / mental  abilities. Rate this posting:


Push Back said...

A typical interview with a abductee. The interviewer ask , what did you do ? The abductee says, I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. The interviewer asks , and then what did you do? The abductee says I cried and cried and cried and cried. The interviewer asks , did you find out any thing useful? The abductee answers , No.

dale gervais said...

push back what is your issue man??we have learned soooo much from these folks who gain nothing but ridicule and scorn from jerks like you.They come forward because they feel that their fellow man must be warned,and what do they get,fired censored laughed at threatened ridiculed and then quite a few reliable believable ones mysteriously get some bizaare form of cancer,like this poor woman and die.At 48 for christs sake.asshole

Anonymous said...

Aliens are demonic entities leading away your life from god they are not to be trusted they were created by Satan do please don't listen to them. GOD BLESS

Anonymous said...

IM deaply touched by DR TURNERS story. From. Every finer of my being. I sorry but i cant trust anthing that has to do with computers. Its all retrived by u know the watchers. Im sory i dont trust anybody to tell my story. MAY THE GREAT CREATOR BE WITH US ALL PS THEY HAVE BEEN HERE FOR MILLINIA. It wont let me type

Anonymous said...

You "MUST" trust another to tell your story!..If it wont let YOU type,TRUST another to type for you.
What do you have to loose??..as Anonymous!?:)..Just do it!!..It could be a good exercise for your own
well-being!? Take it somewhere!! We will look forward to your response,but don't let it defeat you!
You have nothing to lose! Remember!..others may learn, or relate to your story........................

Anonymous said...

I see "Anonymous at 1:03pm." Declares,that: [Aliens are demonic entities..created by Satan! to lead away our lives, from God!]

While I cannot deny this,in all consideration to the traumatization of abductees, which to me,seems an
evil act, on any unexpected person, and by law is WRONG! I must add, that there are ANGELIC entities
here on earth,AS WELL!!..So if we are considering aliens as being demonic, maybe? but NOT ALL!!
There is a war going on between "good & evil" - [God & Satan] The influence on our FREEWILL!? is all
around us,you see & hear it, every day!? BE VERY CAREFUL!!.....................

Anonymous said...

I've been abducted for as long as I can remember-I'm 51. I grew up with extraterrestrials. My son has also routinely been abducted. Most of my immediate family are abductees.
I'm confused by all the talk about et's being bad or demons...I have nothing but positive memories of the events. We have always been taken by the Nordics never the grays...the grays seem dangerous. I don't dispute the negative reports and I am a huge fan of Dr Karla Turner-I respect her and her work immensely. I'm just saying I'm confused. I'm new to Dr Turner's work, I just discovered her talks on YouTube yesterday; I'm sure she covers this. But in my heart, I honestly believe that the Nordics are good and are here to be friends with us. I do think the grays are bad, though. I think they're the ones causing the problems.

Anonymous said...

Its good news to read that you have nothing but positive memories of this event, with the Nordics,and interesting to read that you grew up with extraterrestrials,that in its self, would
be a great read.We would love to hear that experience.But could you really call this an abduction?..For allot of folk abduction, MIGHT mean against their will! and for some,this is the case! with terrifying stories,but you seem quite positive about this experience, and that's good.
We gather,that you were, or still are, a willing party to this event with the Nordic ETs!?

I've heard it said, ETs have different agendas in the abductions that take place,but yours sounds very cordial, and I gather its the same for Family!???Would love to hear more,if that's your will. Will keep an eye out.Go well, & all the best!:)..........................

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