Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reader submitted Ufo videos

I'm getting so many new ufo videos - here are new ones posted by our readers:
(also I have a few people saying the site is not loading ... please advis eif you have this problem)
UFO Ovni over Iquitos Peru

UFO / OVNI - Captado em praia do Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil. 12/03/2010.
Object captured on a beach in Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil. Information this is an alien probe.


Three ojects over a couple of days
Big Bright object lights up cloud two objects One Big and Bright filmed over Stirling golf course.
Second object seems two split and reform.
object num 3 seems two just sit there big and bright as car pass by. Rate this posting:

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Push Back said...

The video at the beach is a old video

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