Saturday, March 27, 2010

The cosmic heart of the United Kingdom - why here?

Following up from my previous post i thought i would provide a map showing the location of Winchester to Wilshire.

If you have been following Ufo and crop circle reports for a while you will know that the below Map of the Uk is where they all happen - but  i would  to know what makes this part of the UK so special? -  this is where the majority of all crop circles appear in the world as well as many ancient UK landmarks such as  stonehenge, golden ball hill and those huge white horses on the hills.

There's something major going on here, some type of energy vortex and its been happening for thousands of years as the druids and older civilisations left relics and landmarks such as stonehenge  nearby - why did they know that we aren't picking up on?

There are so many Ufo sightings in this area as well  its not funny .. you may have heard of these places - Wilshire, Salisbury, stonehenge,  .. Avebury,  Silbury Hill, golden ball hill (why'd they call it golden ball?) - for those who don't know they are all in close vacinity strangely:
I have personally seen these sights following my recent trip to these areas and if you make it to the UK and want to see these ancient sights and crop circles you simply must to the private restricted tour of stone henge with Pat also the ancient england day tour from London is great.

Note: To see the crop circles the best time to come between July and August - i was too early and didn't see any this year!
Here are the sights from the areas mentioned in the above map:
Crop circle near the Giant white horse:

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