Friday, March 26, 2010

Mount Adams Washington America's Ufo Hotpost - James Gilliland's story

Other than Niagara falls, Mount Adams is another active Ufo hotspot in the US at the moment.
Its one place i wish to visit  as people say you can see Ufos near the mountains most nights now (check out some the previous Ufo posts from there) .
Mr Gilliland's ranch there is now a major stay for people who wish to see the Ufos there.
This is his story:
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Push Back said...

HAND HELD 40 Million Candle Power Lights on the internet not much money. High Power Lasers on the internet.It is Ok to shine more then one of these lights. Shine these lights on the UFO and keep lights on the UFO's. It is Ok to go to where the UFO's are at night. Go there in the day time and wait for them to come out at night.

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